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Berkeley – LEED Green Associate Training – April 24 2017

When: April 24 2017 – 6:00PM to 10:00 PM

Where: UC Berkeley –Dwinelle Hall – Room 209 -


Interested in getting involved in the Green Building and sustainability Industry? Opportunities are plentiful and passing your LEED professional designation is required to get involved!

LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is simply a green-rating point system to certify a building’s sustainability. Just as Buildings can be LEED certified, students and professional can become LEED Accredited themselves.  The LEED Green Associate (GA) credential is the only professional designation used to market yourself to employers and clients and show you have certified knowledge in the green building industry.

To date, this course and its materials have proven to be instrumental in helping over 7000 students pass their exam at a 100% pass rate and does not require any specific background. This course is offered at a quarter of the price and time as the competition and is geared at allowing students to graduate with letters after their name and it never expires!

Also, a new LEED rating system (v4) was introduced this year and this training course is one of the few that has been updated to teach the current rating system to ensure your knowledge is up to date! This course meets the exam’s eligibility requirements and the USGBC charges a $100 (reduced for students) fee for the actual exam which can be taken at any time at your nearest Prometric center.

     Course Itinerary:

  1. All necessary course materials distributed (including study guide, charts and mock exams)

  2. In-depth overview of LEED including all topics covered on the exam and a focus on heavily weighted topics

  3. How to register, prepare and pass the actual LEED GA exam taken at a Prometric Center near you

    Post Class (through our On-Demand website service):

  1. Recorded class files, including a crash course review of all relevant LEED GA material

  2. Four Mock Exams (400 Questions) to be completed and reviewed as the student pleases

  3. Anytime assistance through our LEED AP+ staff

Cost: $300 ($200 with proof of full-time student status)


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About LeadingGREEN: The organisation provides affordable LEED classes as an incentive to increase the development of the sustainable building and design industry. It is by far the most affordable live LEED Training in the world and maintains a 100% pass rate.

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