Rochester Institute of Technology (NY) 17-Sep
University of Rochester (NY) 18-Sep
Syracuse University (NY) 21-Sep
City University of New York, City College (NY) 23-Sep
Yale University 24-Sep
Columbia University (NY) 25-Sep
Cornell University  28-Sep
Rutgers University 29-Sep
Villanova University (PA) 30-Sep
Bucknell University (PA) 01-Oct
University of Pennsylvania 02-Oct
Philadelphia University (PA) 03-Oct
University of Maryland 05-Oct
Johns Hopkins University 06-Oct
Rowan University (NJ) 07-Oct
Lafayette College (PA) 08-Oct
Lehigh University (PA) 09-Oct
Massachusetts Institute of Technology  12-Oct
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY) 13-Oct
University of Massachusetts, Lowell  14-Oct
University of Maine 15-Oct
University of Vermont 16-Oct
Northeastern  University (PA) 17-Oct
Pennsylvania State University (PA) 19-Oct
Carnegie Mellon University (PA) 20-Oct
University of Pittsburgh (PA) 21-Oct
University of Akron 28-Oct
Ohio Unervisity 29-Oct
University of Cincinnati 30-Oct
Ohio State University 02-Nov

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