Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Use our list of FAQs below to help answer some of the questions you may have. If your question isn't here, feel free to contact us through our contact page.

1. LEED Accreditation seems to be quite knowledge intensive, how can you prepare us in 5 hours?

The webinar/live, in-class aspect of the course is only the first part of our training. The in-class portion gives the student a strong basis of LEED and Green building knowledge. It touches on all aspects of what the actual LEED exam covers. However, the intricate details are re-enforced through the online component of the course which is composed of:

  1. Recorded class files, including a crash course review of all relevant LEED GA material
  2. Four Mock Exams (400 Questions) to be completed and reviewed as the student pleases
  3. Anytime assistance through our LEEP AP+ staff
  4. LEED Exam registration instructions
  5. The LEED study guide and relevant materials to review

The combination of all these aforementioned course components forms a strong preparation level which has led to a 99% pass rate.

2. How can I register for LeadingGreen’s courses?

You can securely register any time here – www.leadinggreen.com/online

3. When and when can I write the actual Exam?

The actual GA exam, it is written at a prometric center whenever you choose to schedule the exam. Once you feel prepared, you just have to book a test date and go to a center (EX. At Sheppard and the 404 http://goo.gl/maps/w80ji) and they give you the exam at your scheduled time (100 questions from a large question bank. You write the multiple choice exam on the Prometric Center’s computer and instantaneously get your results. The registration process will be explained in detailed steps on the day of the class.

Since 2020 – the LEED exam can now be taken remotely using Prometric’s pro-proctor tool which is a secure method that does not allow any external material so you still must follow my steps of preparation. This is great news and you can now take the exam from home or go to a testing center if they are open in your area.

4. How much does it cost to write the exam?

The actual cost of sitting and writing the exam is governed by the GBCI (www.gbci.org) and is $250 for professionals and $100 for students and CaGBC/USGBC members.

5. What does it mean to be a LEED Professional?

What is the difference between LEED Certification and LEED Accreditation?

LEED Certification refers to buildings which meet the stringent sustainable requirements of LEED. Buildings can with be certified as LEED Certified, LEED Silver, LEED Gold and LEED Platinum.

LEED Accreditation is reserved for people who wish to earn a LEED designation that signifies ones knowledge in LEED and the green building industry in general.

Essentially, LEED certification is for buildings and LEED Accreditation is for people.

6. What is the LEED Green Associate?

The LEED Green Associate is the only professional designation to certify your environmental and green building/technology knowledge. It is a great way to show clients that you are in tune with current best green practices. The LEED GA is a nice entry into industry because it is so broad, covering almost all aspects of what it means to be green. More specifically, LEED itself is a green building rating system and thus is great for Architects, Engineers, Urban Planners and any other line of work that directly focuses on buildings. However, it is also very helpful in companies that wish to show their environmental commitment by having LEED certified people on board.

7. Are there any pre-requisites or prior knowledge required to enroll in a LEED course?

I have set up the course to ensure that no prior knowledge is required. I teach the course from the ground up covering all topics that one must know to succeed on their exam. Also, all materials need to pass the exam comes with the course and are exchanged upon registration of the class

8. What are the eligibility requirements to sit the LEED exams?

There is no work experience required to write the LEED GA exam, however; one is required to take a green training course such as the one we provide.

For the LEED AP exam, you are tested on items which you could only learn from actually working on a project as well as the official reference guide.

Since July 2014 you no longer need documented project experience on a LEED registered project. However, there are some questions the reflect experienced based knowledge which project experience can help. As a result as part of my LEED AP+ courses, I continue to give you project experience by giving you access to one of my projects which we go over in detail during the class, making those experienced based questions very easy. The LEED Green Associate is also a prerequisite for the LEED AP exam. 

The sooner you get the AP+ out of the way the better as It only gets harder with each new version.

9. Does the LEED Green Associate or Accredited Professional Expire or require Credential Maintenance?

LEED Green Associates must complete 15 continuing education (CE) hours or retest biennially. CMP must be completed prior to 2 years after you pass the LEED GA. For more information on credential maintenance, see the CMP Guide.

LEED Accredited Professionals require 30 hours of CE. Both designations require a $50 year to be paid every 2 years.

10. What is the difference between the on-demand self paced workshop and the live webinar?

In terms of a webinar versus starting online at your own pace, both courses include the identical materials and similar instruction from me personally so it just depends on your schedule. During the pandemic, I am also allowing students to have access to both the on-demand course and also hop in to one of my webinars if needed so you can have the best of both worlds!

11. What is the difference between the Green Associate and the AP+?

The difference between the GA and AP BD+C, it is simply that the AP is more detailed and requires a lot more study time. The AP focuses on the points per credit, credit language and each strategy to get them. However, as you probably know the GA has to be passed before or combined in one sitting with the AP BD+C. I personally did them combined because I wanted to knock them both out at one time, but it is totally up to you!

12. How long does the average person take to prepare for the exam?

I set targets such as scoring 85%+ on my practice exams to know you are ready but generally this takes 1-2 weeks and a couple hours of studying per day. Then the final day or two before your exam really focusing on your studies but it really is different for everyone. You will have access to the online materials for an entire year, so there is no rush to take the exam.