The Green Associate exam covers a lot of content but is not the most intellectually challenging exam. If you follow my step by step process it
will lead to a successful exam. That process is the following

1. Complete the live or online workshop

2. Read through our tailored study guide for deep understanding of all concepts

3. Re-watch parts of the recorded class if needed

4. Complete each mock exam and closely review the explanations of all
correct and incorrect questions
Once you achieve 85%+ consistently on all 4 mock exams you are ready!

5. Guaranteed 100% Passing Rate when steps above are followed


location: Prometric Center nearest to you

Length: 2 Hours + 10 minute instruction video and no breaks

Exam Cost: Full time students: $100 ($200 otherwise)

Type: Multiple Choice

Scoring: 170/200 is a pass, but 125/200 is the lowest possible score

  • No part points
  • No points off for incorrect questions
  • The more difficult the question the more points it is worth, but the # is not known
  • 170/200 is not equal to 85% of the questions answered correctly


  • LEED Process (16 Questions)
  • Integrative Strategies (8 Questions)
  • Location and Transportation (7 Questions)
  • Sustainable Sites (7 Questions)
  • Water Efficiency (9 Questions)
  • Energy and Atmosphere (10 Questions)
  • Materials and Resources (9 Questions)
  • Indoor Environmental Quality (8 Questions)
  • Project Surroundings and Public
    Outreach (11 Questions)
  • 15 pretest questions (Not worth points)

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